UCL Deciding, Acting, and Reasoning with Knowledge (DARK) Lab

The UCL Deciding, Acting, and Reasoning with Knowledge (DARK) Lab is a Reinforcement Learning research group at the UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence. We focus on research in complex open-ended environments that provide a constant stream of novel observations without reliable reward functions, often requiring agents to create their own curricula and to deal with external knowledge, natural language, and hard exploration problems.


Tim Rocktäschel
Associate Professor
Edward Grefenstette
Honorary Professor
Sebastian Riedel
Affiliated Faculty


Pasquale Minervini
Senior Research Fellow

PhD Students

Akbir Khan
PhD Student (2021—)
Laura Ruis
PhD Student (2021—)
Yingchen Xu
PhD Student (2021—)
Zhengyao Jiang
PhD Student (2020—)
Robert Kirk
PhD Student (2020—)
Mikayel Samvelyan
PhD Student (2020—)
Minqi Jiang
PhD Student (2019—)

Master's Students

Jonathan Cook
MSc Student (2022)


Hannah Teufel
MSc Student (2021)
Mikey Matthews
MSc Student (2021)
Now a Machine Learning Researcher at Vivacity Labs
Robert McHardy
MSc Student (2021)
Now an AI Research Engineer at InstaDeep
Ian Wu
MSc Student (2021)
Now a Data Scientist at C3.ai
Matthew Jackson
MSc Student (2021)
Now a PhD student at Oxford
Andy Ehrenberg
MSc Student (2021)
Christina Kouridi
MSc Student (2020)
Now a Research Engineer at InstaDeep
Udeepa Meepegama
MSc Student (2020)
Zhengyao Jiang
MRes Student (2019—2020)
Now PhD student at UCL DARK
Yuchen Zhu
MSc Student (2019—2020)
Now PhD student at UCL
Joe Stacey
MSc Student (2019)
Now PhD student at Imperial College London
Isaac Kamlish
MSc Student (2019)
Now data scientist at Facebook
Artem Yurlov
MSc Student (2019)
Now intern at JPMorgan Chase & Co